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We are a family-run small croft (farm) located an hour south of St. Louis in Dittmer, MO. We have chickens, sheep, an emu, miniature donkeys, swans, Highland coos, llamas, alpacas, cats, and dogs.  All of our animals are pets and are deeply loved and cared for.  Our animals reside on our farm in Dittmer, except for the coos associated with Don’s business, McCallie Highland Coos, which are located on a separate tract of land in Pacific, MO.

All care for animals is done by Don and Peggy.  Peggy shears all of the sheep herself using regular scissors to shear, and merely ties the sheep up to the fence so they wont walk away. Sometimes the sheep will lie down during a shearing, and other times they will climb the wall.  It’s always an adventure!  Peggy also spins and knits all of the items you see offered on this website.  Don helps Peggy by washing the wool.  Don maintains the farm and cares for all of the animals; he daily checks that all the animals have food, water, and any other needs.

Please check out the entire website!  You may purchase any of Peggy’s items online, or call/email to make an order.  If you are interested in Highland coo beef, please contact Don to place your order/ask questions.

We love to have visitors, so don’t hesitate to contact us to set up a tour!  Click here to see our brochure about our farm tours here.

Contact Us:
peggymccallie@gmail.com      donmccallie@msn.com
Home: 636-452-3407                Cell: 314-805-1862

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  1. Nowell says:

    Wow! I would love to learn to shear a sheep. It was great to find you again.

  2. donmccallie says:

    Thanks for checking out our website!

  3. Debbie Turley says:

    I am interested in taking a tour with my 7 year old daughter and her friend. Do you have any time in the next month or so? It would be fun to see you shear sheep as well…not sure if that is something you have coming up soon or if people even watch. Let me know.

  4. Mary Heinze says:

    Hi Peggy, … I visited and toured your amazing farm(with Kel Rohlf and Robyn Lyster) and took some photos of the animals… you requested me to send you some of the photos to use them on a calender and then send me a copy of the calendar. I was wondering if it was ever printed? If so, could you send me a copy, please. I would enjoy having one. My address is
    Mary Heinze
    1510 Carriage Bridge Trails
    Ballwin, MO 63021
    Cell: 636-346-5615

    Thank you !!

  5. Jeff & Lisa Hackmann says:

    Don and Peggy,

    We visited your farm today and I feel that this day was life changing! You both have inspired my husband and I. You both are incredible people and loved spending time with you both on your beautiful farm. I never thought of “farm animals” as pets but it was very clear to us that these animals are loved very much and are spoiled. They truly have an amazing life even the chickens whom happen to be the most beautiful chickens I have ever seen in my life. The beef is the most amazing tasting beef we have ever eaten, not to mention the healthiest we will ever eat. The farm is beautiful as well as the most beautiful shaw that was handmade by Peggy from the fleece of Ryan that I could not leave there without buying. I feel like we were in Heaven on Earth!

  6. Francisco navarro says:

    No hogs? : (

  7. Jackie Peterson says:

    Dear Peggy and Don
    We would like to bring our grandchildren out for a tour this week if possible.. They are visiting us from New Orleans where they live currently. They were both born in Scotland and have lots of family there…so a visit to see the heel and coos would be terrific…please let me know if Wednwsay August 14 or Thursday August 15 could work for you.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    JACKIE and Pete Peterson
    Cell number 760 500 1541
    Home 636 273 9772

  8. Nancy Aikman says:

    I have a granddaughter that loves sheep and has for her entire life of eight years! She is quite the sheep collector. I heard about your farm from a friend and was wondering if I could possibly set up a tour for my granddaughter, her mother and myself. I will be leaving Missouri in about six weeks and would appreciate a time that would allow us to visit the farm before my leaving the state.
    Thank you,

  9. Steve Smith SAKS Ridge Cattle Co. says:

    Really enjoyed the web tour of your place.
    Well thought out with a nice format
    We have a 14 head herd of highlands just east of KC, which along with
    5 jersey milk cows, 20 milk goats, 100 laying hens, and a half dozen horses.
    Would you call it a hobby farm ?

    Thanks again for the tour
    Steve and Kathy Smith

  10. Anne Vawter says:


    I’ve been to your farm before in the past and have an out of town visitor who may want to tour your farm-are you still doing tours this spring? Is April 11 a possibility?

    Thank you. Anne Vawter

  11. Marie Betzold says:

    I have 3 grandson ranging in age 10,5,& 2 I would love for them to see what it’s like on a farm. They all love animals and I would love for them to see just how much work there is in taking care of them of course knowing them they will be wanting bring them all home. I really think it would be an educational experience for them and me if you have any time this summer for a visit I know we would all benefit from the experience
    Thank you

  12. Mary says:

    Looking for pictures of coos and found your site. I’m in TX and want to visit. Please forward calendar for Sept & Oct. Thank you

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